Rescue Dogs: The Early Years

My name is Dennis.  I was the first rescue dog.  My Person was a little girl named Emma and we did everything together.   Emma is a grown up now and she recently adopted a husky named Mona.  Emma is Mona’s Person too.   She is very lucky to be called Person by two rescues.  Most people never get to experience that magic.  You will hear more about Mona in later blogs.  Today, I just want to introduce myself.

Recently Tucker, Manny and I helped mom to write a children’s story about our adventures.  It is called Rescue Dogs:  The Early Years.  It was published on many sites including Amazon and Booklocker.  She hopes that reading the story encourages families to adopt animals because every year 6.5 million dogs and cats enter shelters and only about half of us find homes.  She also hopes that families and children will share their own rescue stories.



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