Mona’s Story

by Emma Vance

Hello!  My name is Mona and I am a rescue dog, this is my story!

I live in Montana with my person, Emma.  I have heard a lot of stories about the Vance family rescue dogs before me (some have even written a book called Rescue Dogs!), but I think I’m the best!  I am a princess! People tell me all the time that I’m a pretty girl and I know it.  That’s why I don’t feel like I have to follow any ones rules but my own, even if it has gotten me in a bit of trouble along the way.  I haven’t always been this confident.  The first 3 years of my life were pretty tough because I lived in a backyard with a bunch of other huskies.  It was crowded and there wasn’t always enough food to go around.  Fortunately, I was rescued and sent far away to Montana.  Emma likes to joke that I was put into a doggie witness protection program to keep my past owner from finding me again.

It was definitely a good thing that I was rescued, but I did have a hard time transitioning to life as an inside dog because I never had human friends before and I didn’t know their rules!  A few people tried to adopt me but had to give me back because I “wasn’t the right fit” for their families.  But that’s okay because eventually Emma came to the Humane Society to “just take a look,” but when I saw her I knew she was my person and gave her a big hug.  She knew it too and took me home the next day!  Though, for a while there, she was also worried that I was a little too much to handle because I was a bit of a scaredy-dog.  When I was first brought home I was scared of everything! The vacuum cleaner, bicycles, cars, loud noises, people with beards, people with hats, kids, grown-ups… really all people. I was especially scared of Emma’s brother.  He scared me so much that I bit him on the butt when he got too close to me.  That was me telling him “woah Scary Man, get away from me!”  This made Emma mad and she told me that mean dogs couldn’t stay in her house.  We agreed that maybe I needed some lessons on how to be less anxious.  A nice lady came and visited us and she taught us some techniques to manage my anxiety and make me a good dog.  Emma jokes that it was like puppy therapy!  The best part about puppy therapy was that I got so many treats.  The lady told the Scary Man that he should give me treats so I would forget that he’s scary.  Now he’s not Scary Man, but Hotdog Man!  Though sometimes I still forget and run away from him and hide.

The hardest part about living with my new family is that during the summer my person needs to leave for “the Field” and I am not allowed to go with her!  So I am left with Hotdog man, and though I’m not so scared of him anymore I really don’t like him.  This last summer when Emma was gone I escaped a bunch of times trying to find her.  One time I was looking in another neighborhood and was jumping over the fences, searching in each yard.  As I was looking, I stumbled upon a family BBQ and they were very nice and gave me hamburgers! Yumm!  Little did I know they were just distracting me until Hotdog Man could come and get me.  The next time I escaped I ventured very far away from home and met some nice ladies next to the road.  They were very worried that I was crossing the streets unattended.  I told them how much I didn’t like Hotdog Man and that I wanted them to keep me until my person came home.  They said they wanted to help because he obviously wasn’t doing a good job keeping an eye on me, but Emma said I should still go home.  After that Emma’s boyfriend, Nyles, came and hung out with me and took me to play with other dogs more often.  He’s a lot of fun so it helped me wait until my person came home.

I haven’t been in this family for long so there are definitely many adventures to come.  Emma says that we are working on my “husky attitude” but I’ve gotten much better since living with her and am a lot less scared.  I even let most people pet me now!  I love playing with other dogs and am looking forward to reading about other’s stories.  Thanks for reading mine:)


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