A Halloween Mystery from Mona to her Nonna

Dear Nonna,

Hi!  It’s me, Mona!  As you know this is my first Halloween and I am very excited (but also a little nervous) about trick or treaters and all that door bell ringing.  We’ve had a little Halloween Mystery at our house too – and I wanted to tell you about it.

Last week Mom, Nyles and Hotdog Man carved their pumpkins.  They turned out great!  Here is a picture that I photo bombed .


Well, that night Emma put the pumpkins on the porch and lit candles in them.  When we woke up the next morning:  all her pumpkin’s teeth were gone!


The other pumpkin was fine!  But Mom’s pumpkin had turned toothless!  The next night I tried to stand guard to make sure our pumpkins were okay.  But I got sleepy and went to bed.  When we woke up the next day, our pumpkin’s face was gone!  Not only that but the top had teeth marks in it!  The other pumpkin had turned his head so he didn’t have to watch and I completely understood that.  This Halloween mystery was getting gruesome.

IMG_1076Once again I tried to stay awake but the thought of ghosts and goblins attacking our pumpkin was too much for me.  Halloween is scary!  I went to bed and the next morning, we found this.


This time though – the goblins did not get away clean.  They left tracks.  Deer tracks!  I knew there was a reason I barked and chased those Domesticated Missoula Deer – they are savages!   Happy Halloween Nonna!  I plan to go to bed early on Wed because this experience has been a little too much for me.

Love, Mona


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