My Name is Nana

I am “Nana” to all of the Vance family rescue dogs.  My husband John and I have enjoyed many adventures throughout the years with all of the dogs.  We’ve hiked and camped, spent family events and holidays and dog sat on many occasions and we loved them all.

There was one in particular who stole my heart from the very moment I saw him.  I first met Sully just a few days after he was rescued when they brought him to our lake house.  He was terribly thin and wobbly on his legs after so long on the run.  I decided immediately that he needed some extra TLC, and I proceeded to make him scrambled eggs with cottage cheese to fatten him up.  I was forever after known as “the egg lady”.  Sully loved it.

Through the years he and I spent time together when he stayed with us while the family vacationed.  During those times he and I shared many long walks and “talks” together.  Sully always did his own thing and he never lost his penchant for wandering but we bonded, and I like to think that maybe at times I might have been his person.






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