The Rescue of Sully Moses

The First Virginia Rescue Dog

My name is Sullivan Moses, or Sully for short. I was the first Virginia Rescue Dog after my family returned from Japan. They had been without a dog for four long years and it had left an empty space in the household. True, there were fewer fur balls tumbling through the house and no slobber sticking to the walls. But there was also a little less magic. It was quiet when Emma and Matthew came home from school. No giant tongues or wagging tails greeting them at the door. The Japanese milkman came and went without a warning bark. But all that was about to change with the move back to America. This is My Rescue Story.

The Nose Goes
My early years were a little hazy but I am pretty sure I was a farm dog. I did farm dog kinds of things. I liked to drink out of the water hose. I loved to chase rabbits and I had a magnificent howl when I was excited, annoyed, or hungry. I also had a nose that could track a critter’s scent for miles. Occasionally, this wonderful nose of mine got me into a bit of trouble. And that is how I wound up on a lonely road in Culpepper, Virginia in March.

I was lost. I had been lost for days. Truthfully, it could have been weeks. I was starving and exhausted. The bunny’s scent had vanished long ago and I could not find my way back home. As I wandered, the trees and bushes seemed to whisper to me. That was not a good sign. Suddenly in the distance, I saw a car. The police officer coaxed me into the back seat, gave me some water, and dropped me off at the Fredericksburg Animal Shelter. Relieved to have food and water, I laid my weak skinny body on the floor and quietly waited.

One day, a nice lady with a camera brought me out of my cage. She took a fancy picture of me. I was sitting on a blue velvet blanket looking very regal. My long ears framed my face perfectly. (My hound dog ears were one of my best features.) It was an excellent photo if I did say so myself. “This will get someone’s attention Sully!” she said as she led me back between the rows of barking dogs.

Meanwhile in Japan, Mom and Matthew were searching on the internet for dogs. They were excited and did not want to wait until they were back in Virginia to start looking. One day, they found my picture. “Sully is perfect!” shouted Matthew. (Matthew still sometimes struggled with using an inside voice.)

“Well, we won’t be back in Virginia until May. He might be adopted before we move back.” Mom cautioned.

“He will be there. He is the one! I just know it.” Matt nodded.

You know what? Matthew was right. I was still living at the shelter in May. Within a few days of arriving in Virginia, Mom and Matthew came to visit me. Truthfully, I was not at my best that day. Slobber was wrapped around my nose and I was a little preoccupied. At one point in my life, I had been trained to fetch a squeaky toy and it was an obsession for me. Squeaking made me CRAZY! I was much more focused on tracking that squeaking duck in the visitors’ room than introducing myself to Mom and Matthew. Mom was worried that I wouldn’t be Sociable. But Matthew convinced her I would be fine. And that was how I came to live with My Family in Fredericksburg, Virginia.MyPhoto1539987578315

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