Cody The California Rescue Dog

My name is Cody. I am a California Rescue Dog and I joined Abby. Abby is my sister and together we chase the skate boarders who fly by our house in the afternoons. We like to play with my deflated basketball in the yard. (Okay I play and Abby sunbathes.) We also guard our house against Cat who prowls along our fence posts. AND we like to hold paws in the evenings while we snooze before bedtime.

We were adopted after Sully and Eli lost their battles with cancer in 2017. Their type of cancer is quite common in Labradors and grows quickly and silently. Abby and I cannot replace Eli and Sully. But we can help make the house a little less quiet. We are good at that. We fill an empty space left by Emma and Matt launching into their own new adventures, another cross country move away from family and friends, and the loss of the Virginia Rescue Dogs who were well loved. This is MY Story.

First Things First: MY TPLO Surgery
Tomorrow, I am going to have a scary surgery. I am hoping that by sharing my recovery it will help other Rescue Dogs and their Families. When I was young, I injured my knees. This type of injury is caused by a ligament tear in the knee (cranial cruciate tear). Some vets believe the tear occurs when dogs are neutered too early (before one year). Early neutering may affect the ligament’s growth causing the tear. Most dogs who have a tear in one knee will eventually have a tear in the other knee.

Mom and Dad were very nervous about the surgery so they brought me to three veterinarians for opinions before making a decision. We tried more conservative approaches to my knee: pain medication, supplements, and exercise to build strength. But I am four years old and I already have arthritis in my knee. I have pain most days and I can’t sit comfortably. Mom and Dad decided my quality of life depended on the surgery. TPLO is expensive, and so I was lucky that Last Chance at Life (LCAL) volunteered to cover the cost. LCAL rescued me TWICE before finally placing me with Mom and Dad. They actually paid to repair my first knee when I lived in foster care. Now they are paying for the other knee. So, I am grateful for their commitment to me. They have truly given me a new chance at life. After two rescues and two surgeries, I know how blessed I am to have Lisa and her team!

Wednesday I will go to have my knee repaired. TPLO surgery is used to stabilize my knee joint. The recovery is around 16 weeks and I will have to be kept in a small area so that I don’t hurt myself. I won’t be able to hold paws with Abby for a while or play in the yard. But I know this is important and Abby will wait for me. Wish me luck and I will write again when I come home. Mom is going to post some pictures and I told her “No pictures with the Cone of Shame, Mom!”

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