California Cody TPLO Surgery Days 1-3


Good Morning and Happy Saturday!  I wanted to give everyone an update on my TPLO recovery.  Early Wednesday morning, Dad took me to Dr. Anderson at Bernardo Heights Animal Hospital.  I was so excited to go for a ride in the car!  But when we got to the vets, I panicked.  As they led me away, I kept looking over my shoulder at dad saying “Hey don’t leave me Dad!”  But he knew I was in good hands.

Dad picked me up later that night.  The plan was to use a kennel borrowed from Last Chance at Life for the ride home.  But my giant head didn’t fit in the kennel with the equally giant Cone of Shame.  So, Dad lifted me into the back seat of the truck.  I was still groggy.  When we got home everyone was so happy to see me!  Abby was very upset that Mom put Gate up to keep us apart.  (But Abby can be a bit like a buffalo in a china shop.  And right now my knee is like fine china.)


I told Mom and Dad, “Gate can’t stay there.  Abby has to be able to get to her Bathtub!”  Mom and Dad agreed to move Gate and now Abby and I can see each other.  And she is right outside her Bathtub room for hiding when things get scary!


Speaking of scary things….the Cone of Shame startled me at first because I kept bumping it into everything.  But, Dr. Anderson was very firm about the Cone.  It has to stay on for two weeks because licking the surgical site could cause a bad infection.   I tried to take it off a few times – but that Cone is tricky.

Mom and Dad opted for the long acting local analgesic placed at the surgical site of the knee and this has really helped with pain management.  I was able to eat dinner my first night and I ate EVERYTHING!  (No one should be particularly surprised about this.)   I wasn’t peeing though.  I just couldn’t get comfortable.  When Dad gave me a sedative a few hours later, I finally peed all over the floor.  This upset me a lot because I am a big boy and I don’t pee in the house.  But Dad said it was okay.  Accidents happen.  The next day I peed and pooped outside.  I didn’t want any more accidents!

My outside activity is limited to very short leash walks around the yard for five minutes or less.  Mom and Dad are using a sling to keep me from slipping on the floors and to step off the deck.  I don’t mind the sling.  It helps me feel secure.

By the end of yesterday, Mom could tell that the biggest challenge was going to be keeping me quiet for 16 weeks.  I wanted to run and jump and play.  Mom took Abby on a walk and left me behind.  I howled and barked so loudly, she could hear me down the street.  So, Mom felt bad and took me outside for half hour to get a little sun.


Today, I went back to Bernardo Heights for my three day check up.  They said I looked great!  I have normal swelling and bruising and Dr. Anderson suggested a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a cloth to help.  “Yum!  Peas!”  I go back again in two weeks to have my stitches and staples taken out.  Two more weeks of controlled leash walks and no playing.  But then Cone of Shame gets to come off!  Hurray!  Mom says “Baby steps Cody.”  I will Blog again when Cone is off so I don’t look so silly.  Thank you for checking in with me!

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