Mona’s Adoptiversary

An Update from Mona:

Friday was my Adoptiversary!  Mom and I celebrated our first year together by going XC skiing with our friend Nyles (also one of my favorite people!)  The snow was so deep and there were so many smells to stick my nose into. I think playing in the snow is my favorite thing – I’m a husky after all. Though we go skiing regularly, this time was extra special because I found a big pile of deer poop to roll around in! Mom yelled at me to stop (for some reason she doesn’t like it when I do this) but I just laughed at her, “you can’t stop me when you have skis on!”  I did have to take a bath when we got home, but I smelled wonderful while it lasted!

I love the snow!

Mom and her brother, the Hotdog man (AKA: Matthew) say that I cause a lot of trouble.  I sleep on the couch, I like to fish dirty spatulas out of the sink, and bury trash in the snow in the backyard.  However, I like to remind them that I have grown up a lot in the last year.  For example, I don’t bite the Hotdog man anymore!  I also haven’t run away since last summer!  I didn’t know any tricks a year ago, and now I know a bunch and I will always perform for a cookie.  Shake is my favorite, Mom says it reminds her of another dog, Sully, who use to live with her parents, you may have read his story too.  Though, I am a very smart girl, I never do anything I don’t want to, and I don’t always agree it’s time to leave the Dog Park when Mom is ready to go Home.

Me and my boyfriend, Bill!

Mom credits her friend Gus for fixing a lot of my so called “behavioral problems” and helping me overcome my fear of strange situations.  I always love going for sleepovers at house when Mom is out of town because I get to go hiking with him and all the Summit Pups.  I especially love going because I get to see Bill.  Bill is Gus’s dog, and whether he knows it or not, Bill is my boyfriend.  I love him sooooo much.  Whenever we see each other we wrestle for hours!  My relationship with Bill makes Mom think that I need a brother or a sister, but Hotdog man says “NO!”.  Honestly, I’m okay with doggy play dates and the dog park, I don’t want to share cuddles with Mom and my spot on the bed with anyone else!  However, I did meet my first tiny human when Mom’s friends came to watch the Super Bowl a few weeks ago!  Her name was Cami and it was so much fun to follow her around the house and we seem to like all the same kind of toys!  I wonder where we can get a ”Cami” for OUR house.

A selfie of me in Mom’s (MY) bed!

Anyway, I am a whole year older and wiser and I have mostly learned what it means to live with a family, and I’m liking it! I may get in a little trouble from time to time, but I am so much better than I use to be!  On to an even better year!

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