An Interview with Tiger the LCAL Ambassador


Good Morning and Happy Sunday! We’ve had a beautiful weekend and it has given me the opportunity to romp and play! My name is Tiger and at seven years old, I am the third member of the Old Guys Rule and Young Guys Drool association at Last Chance at Life Rescue (LCAL). My glamour photo is above! The last two weeks you’ve met Henry the Love Bug and Sweet and Sassy Stewart. Today, it is a chance for you to hear My Story!

I am around 50 pounds, a sweet goofy boxer, and curious about everything! Excuse me for a moment. We have some guests. “Hey guys Welcome! Come on in! I heard you are wanting to adopt a bird. I love birds! Would you consider giving me a forever home? If not, some head scratches and hugs would be nice.”


As I was saying, I love to play and go on long walks in cooler weather. I am not too keen on sharing my Humans with other dogs. So, I will need to be the only fur child. Excuse me for a moment, there is my best friend Leyla and she looks like she could use a hug.


I am inquisitive. Some might think a little bit nosey – but that is just because I am interested in everything! I am also very good at entertaining myself when my Humans are too busy to play. Excuse me for a moment. What is this over here on the counter? “Hey Leyla! Looks like my dinner was delivered!”


Leyla tells me “No counter surfing allowed!” But sometimes I just can’t help myself. There are so many interesting things to see and smell here in the office!


As you can see, I am affectionate and I can’t wait to have a deep bond with my Forever Family. I have the right amount of energy to walk and hike. And wherever my family is – is where you will find me. Excuse me for a moment. I hear something interesting. “Leyla! I love when you let me hang out in the Welcome Area. I think I should be the LCAL Ambassador. Or at least on the Welcome Committee.”


Training me will be a snap. I already have nice leash manners and I am so eager to please. I am also quite bright! Leyla says I have a colorful personality but a heart of gold. And that pretty much sums me up. If you are a Forever Family looking for a medium energy healthy Old Guy, who loves walks, family time, and hugs. I am your Guy!! Call and make an appointment to meet me!!

Last Chance at Life
3308 Mission Avenue
Oceanside, CA 92058
Phone: (442) 615-7437
Email: Info@LastChanceAtLife.org8 Mission Avenue
Oceanside, CA 92058

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