Kuma: Picture Perfect with a Heart of Gold

Good Morning and Happy Palm Sunday and Passover Weekend!  I am Kuma which means “bear” in Japanese.  The Japanese folk story is that Kuma was once an abandoned cub living on a Japanese estate.  The family discovered him and took him in as a pet.  Kuma was smart and very athletic and reached his full potential with his family.   As an abandoned pup myself, I think I have a lot in common with my namesake and can’t wait to find a family that discovers my true potential!  This is a picture of me at my interview!


First things first!  I heard some wonderful news on Friday!  My friend Henry the Love Bug was adopted!  His foster mom decided she couldn’t part with him and now good old Hank gets to stay with his brother Smokey!  These are the good news stories we like to hear at LCAL!

My friend Stewart is still looking for a home.  This picture was taken of Sweet and Sassy Stewart last week when he went for a hike to see the wildflowers.  Great shot of him, don’t you think?  (Us little Shepherd Mixes have to look out for each other.)


Speaking of hiking, I love a good hike.  I am a very athletic three year old who has been known to jump a fence of two when kept in a yard.  So, I would do best with an active family who keeps me inside when not supervised.  I am very trustworthy inside especially when I have big furry siblings for company.  Or human siblings for that matter,  I love kids!  Cats not so much.  I am hardwired to chase anything little that moves.  So, no hamsters or guinea pigs for me.  (But really who needs a guinea pig when you have ME?!)  This picture was taken when I hiked with my friends at Camp Pendleton.  The marines LOVED me.  I walk very nicely on a leash.


I also know when it is time to take a nap and I can nap just about anywhere.  This was me back at the office after my hike.   Nothing beats a good snuggle.


Hey!  Did someone mention another hike?  I am ready to go!


I was so happy to have an interview on Friday because it meant extra time outside with my humans doing what I love to do.  This is a picture of me with my best friend Nicci.  Stewart and I LOVE Nicci!


And this is me giving Nicci kisses because I am grateful for my walk.  My friends at LCAL affectionately refer to me as a Velcro dog.  But that is just because I love my humans and I want to be with them.


I love to play fetch too!  I made sure to show off my skills with a ball during my interview.


So, if you are looking for an athletic affectionate girl who loves her humans (even small humans); enjoys hikes and walks; plays fetch; and snoozes in the afternoon – I am That Girl!  Come meet me and realize MY full potential!55575678_10214497851261937_1585175856613949440_n

Last Chance at Life
3308 Mission Avenue
Oceanside, CA 92058
Phone: (442) 615-7437
Email: Info@LastChanceAtLife.org

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