Rav and the Angel on Route 62


Good Morning Everyone!  Happy Easter!  My name is Rav and at six months old, I am the oldest of the puppies at LCAL. That is my glamor photo above. I look very serious in this picture – which is funny because I am far from serious! I love to play and I am always wiggling and throwing my toys about. Meeting new people is one of my favorite things.

Nothing says springtime like baby animals.  So, before I tell you about myself here is a picture I took of the Duck Family yesterday.  Aren’t they the cutest?


Oh!  And here is my friend Squeaker.  I call him Squeaker because he is too little to bark.  He just squeaks.  His Mama doesn’t let me play with him yet because I might step on him in all my exuberance.  Squeaker is looking for a forever home too.  Puppy Power!


Ok!  Enough about ducklings and puppies.  Let me tell you a little about myself – because I almost wasn’t here to tell my story!  Route 62 coming out of 29 Palms is sadly a place where humans dump family members like myself.   It is a lonely stretch of road heading out into the desert and most of us don’t make it very far.  Everyone here at LCAL finds this heartbreaking.  Fortunately for pups like myself, there is an Angel who drives Route 62 looking for us.  Excuse me for a moment – I need a play break!


Okay!  I am back!   As I was saying, Angel rescues abandoned pups like myself and takes us to shelters so we are safe.  A couple of months ago, she saw a trash bag on the side of the road that didn’t look quite right.  So, she got out to check.  Lucky for me she did!  Guess who was inside?  Me!  I am such a social smart lovable boy, it is really hard to imagine who would do something like this.

But I don’t hold grudges!  I love humans and it would be great if my forever family had little humans who liked to play with me!  I am full of puppy energy!  Oh!  And dogs!  I love dogs!  (Last week I was even stalked by a cat while I was on my walk and I didn’t pay it much mind.  So, I am probably good with cats too.)  Play Break!


My friends at LCAL are teaching me manners.  I am so smart I already know Sit and Watch.  But sometimes in my puppy enthusiasm I don’t pay attention.  My forever family will need to continue to train me so that I am a well behaved boy.   This is me on my walk yesterday meeting some humans.  Hellooooo there!  And me in puppy training class.  I am very eager to please.


Hey do you have any treats?  I love a good treat.  My LCAL friends give me Kongs and Nyla Bones to keep me occupied.  Nothing beats a Kong filled with peanut butter!  LCAL thinks I am a Doberman Chocolate Lab mix.  I weigh about 50 pounds and need to fill out a bit.  I am working on crate training and place training which helps me settle down when my humans need a break from my puppy energy.  And I have very nice leash manners if I do say so myself.  This is me taking a little break – playing is hard work!


So, if you are looking for a smart loveable puppy who was rescued by the Route 62 Angel, then I am your boy!  Now Back to Playing Everybody!



Last Chance at Life
3308 Mission Avenue
Oceanside, CA 92058
Phone: (442) 615-7437
Email: Info@LastChanceAtLife.org


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