Diva: It Takes a Village

Diva 1
Good Morning! Happy Monday Everybody! My name is Diva which is Latin for Goddess. That is my glamor photo above! Before I tell you about myself, I wanted to give you some wonderful news! Tiger the LCAL Ambassador and One Dog Welcome Committee found his FURever family! He went on a sleep over last week and his outgoing personality won them over. I am so happy for Tiger!  Doesn’t he look happy?


With Henry and Tiger both adopted, Stewart is the only remaining fellow in the Old Guys Rule, Young Guys Drool organization. But he is confident the right family will come along for him. Here is an updated picture of Sweet and Sassy Stewart when he went hiking last week.


Now back to me! At one year old and 45 pounds I am quick and athletic. LCAL says I would make a great Frisbee dog because I have a set of SPRINGS on me. I was rescued as a stray and when I first arrived at LCAL I didn’t have the best manners. I liked to jump and lick faces and I could be a little mouthy at times. But my best friend Amanda has been working with me and I am doing so much better!

Pamela, our trainer extraordinaire, explained that I just needed a “new job.” I used to think my job was to jump and say “Hello Everyone!” But now I know better! I go to my “place” and I “watch” my Human for permission to get a treat, say hello, or whatever I am working on that day. This is a picture of me “watching” and waiting for my “Yes!” I am concentrating hard. And me a moment later – relaxed because I did so well!

Diva 2 Diva 3

When I look at Amanda and she tells me “Yes!” I am so happy! My tail wags a mile a minute. I am very eager to please and so smart! This is me taking a little peak at my reflection in the window. Who is that gorgeous goddess? Me!

Diva 4

Sometimes Pamela and Amanda do extra training with me during the week and even Jen comes by to work with me! It takes a village to raise a Diva that is for sure!!

Diva 7
Hey interview lady! Are you paying attention? Look over here at me! Are you getting all of this down?

All this hard work is paying off! Last week, Amanda took me on a wonderful walk to the park. I sniffed everything and was curious about all the Humans! But I kept my cool and didn’t try to pull Amanda – even when a couple of kids on skateboards whizzed by us! Yea for me!

Diva 8
I used to be afraid of many things, my place cot, the car, and strange situations. But now I am adapting and trusting so much more. I love my Saturday morning training with Amanda, Pamela and all the other dog families! It makes me feel part of a whole dog-loving community.

Diva 6

And speaking of community, everyone at LCAL works very hard to help us find our FURever Families. Nicci (Stewart’s Bestie) and Leyla take amazing pictures of us and they join a whole bunch of volunteers who walk and take care of us. Amanda is my best friend but she also fosters Harper and her puppies! Just this past weekend Amanda and Leyla treated Harper to a spa day! Doesn’t every mom deserves a spa day?


And here is one of my favorite pictures of Eesha and Kuma!  Eesha is Kuma’s BFF and last month she took Kuma on a wonderful hike with the Marines.  Doesn’t Kuma look happy?!

Our network of foster parents ensures that some of us have a quiet stable place to live while we are waiting for our FURever Family. And nothing is better than when fosters fall in love with us and decide to KEEP us! Some people call this a “failed foster.” Ha! It is anything BUT failed when we find our FURever Family. Henry the Love Bug knows this first hand!!  Here’s a great shot of Henry with his stuffy.  We miss you big guy!


There are also adoption events, pack walks, and donations! Something is always happening around here.   Here’s Flynn Rider with Pam at Petco!


Well, that’s about it for me and My Village. If you are looking for a little Diva who is bound to make a wonderful companion and provide a lot of fun along the way, stop in and say Hello! You might be that lucky Human.

Diva 9

Last Chance at Life
3308 Mission Avenue
Oceanside, CA 92058
Phone: (442) 615-7437
Email: Info@LastChanceAtLife.org

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  1. Great blog Mary… Really enjoyed all the details and the humor. Thank you for shining a light and sharing this info with all your following, friends & family. All our dogs thank you too!

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