Albus: Wise and Enchanting

Good morning! My name is Albus. And much like my namesake Albus Dumbledore, I am kind and affectionate. In fact, we look something alike, don’t you think?

IMG_0625                      Albus_Dumbledore

Before I tell you about myself, it is time for some updates! Puppy Rav has been adopted! Doesn’t he look happy?


Also, Cody an LCAL alumni, has recovered nicely from his TPLO surgery and has been able to hang out in the yard off leash again. He is so happy to be able to play after months of being penned up!


Now, back to me. I was left at a shelter one night in their drop box. LCAL thinks maybe it was because I had a tumor growing on my leg. It was a biggie. But I had surgery a week ago to remove the tumor and I feel so much better. I am still waiting to hear about whether I need more surgery. But right now, I am living for the moment. That really is the only way to live, don’t you agree?


I am currently staying with my foster dad, Denis.  Do you recognize this pup?  Yes!  It is Tiger!  Denis adopted Tiger!  So I know I am in good hands.


Denis tells me that I am such a good boy. I am potty trained and I get along with my foster dog brothers just fine. In fact, it is great to see Tiger looking so happy.  He is overjoyed with his new freedom to roam.  He has rabbits and squirrels to chase.  What a magical change from being in the Klink for a year.  He will be happy for the rest of his life with Denis and his family.   And I am thrilled to be able to join him in all the fun.

Although I am going through a little bit of a difficult time right now, I told Denis “I am not worried because I am with you. And you are one of my favorite Humans!” Dumbledore once told Harry Potter this and I find it to be very true. We are stronger together. Here is a picture of me with Denis. I have always wanted to be a lap dog.


I am about 7 years old and Sweet and Sassy Stewart told me that I have been welcomed into the Old Guys Rule Association, even though I am a little young. (I think he just needed some new members since Henry and Tiger were adopted. Ha!)  Stewart has such a great personality!  I don’t understand why he hasn’t been adopted yet.  Hang in there gorgeous!  Your day is coming!


Back to me.  I am a pretty low energy guy, wise and distinguished. Denis tells me I am a very easy house guest. At a recent adoption event, a tiny dog growled at me and I just walked away. I said “Little lady, I am a lover not a fighter” and I took refuge in Denis’ lap.


Although it has been a tough month or so, I remember what Dumbledore once told Harry, “don’t dwell on things and forget to live.” These are very wise words that I take to heart. I put love and happiness into everything I do. My calm and devoted personality would be a wonderful addition to any home and I am patiently waiting for the right FURever family to find me. Until they do, I enjoy every moment of every day.


JK Rowling once said “It is important to remember that we all have magic inside us.”  I think that magic is love.  And nothing beats the enchantment of providing a home for a rescue pup like me.  If you are a FURever family with love to give – come by and meet me!

Last Chance at Life
3308 Mission Avenue
Oceanside, CA 92058
Phone: (442) 615-7437

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