Happy Mother’s Day! Love, Harper’s Puppies


Good Morning and Happy Mother’s Day everyone!  We are Harper’s puppies and we are giving our mom a little rest today and taking over the blogging for LCAL!  (Aren’t we adorable.)  Before we tell you about our family it is time for some updates!

Albus went on his sleepover this week and looks like he found his Furever Family with LCAL alum Twinkle!  We are so happy for Albus!  This is Albus looking happy.


Anson also went on a sleepover this week and it looks like he found his Furever Family too.  Anson is an LCAL favorite.  He has the looks and the laid back personality. We are going to miss you Anson!


Now back to our Mother’s Day celebration at LCAL.  Mother’s Day all started back in 1908 when a lady named Anna sent 500 white carnations to her church for all the moms.  It just took off from there!   Moms do so much for us – they deserve a little pampering.  Here is our Mom when she went to the spa last month.


Moms are the best multi-taskers.   “When one needs a bathin’ the other needs a feedin'” and our Mom can both at the same time!  She is a wonder!  Just look!


Moms also need a lot of patience because sometimes us puppies can be too much.  There always seems to be one child that pushes the limits a bit more than the others.  This is a picture of Mom telling us to knock it off.  She needs a break!


But that is okay because one of our favorite things to do is snuggle up for nap time!  (Well, one of us is napping.)   The look on Mom’s face pretty much says it all.  Don’t ya think?

0502192045                 0502192058

But when we settle down in all our cuteness – Mom forgives us for being rowdy.  She knows after all that we are puppies.


So here’s to moms everywhere today!  And if today is a sad day – we are sending you love and comfort.  Happy Mother’s Day MOMs!


Love, Harper’s Puppies!

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