Meet Max!


Good evening everyone and Happy Monday!  Now that we have our salutations out of the way – let me introduce myself.  I am Max!  That is my glamour photo above.  I know I look at bit like my friend Flynn Ryder but I am much more chill than that swashbuckling hero.   Oh, you may not have heard!  Ryder (AKA Wally now) – has flown the coop and found his FURever home!  Way to go buddy!  We miss you, but you have an awesome new home.  Here is a picture of Wally in his own bed surrounded by all his toys.  Doesn’t he look content?


Back to me.   I was dropped off at a local shelter in their night box a while back.  I had an infected anal gland and my family just couldn’t afford the medical care.  I am very grateful they dropped me somewhere I would be safe.  I am all better now and ready to meet my FURever family.  I am 12 pounds and about a year old.  I am a very mature youngster, respectful and kind to children and other dogs.  I walk pretty well on a leash too – until I’ve had enough and then I politely sit down.  (My foster mom kept trying to get me to move along the other day and I just slid across the yard on my belly!  Hee Hee.)  Little legs mean I won’t be running any marathons.  But I enjoy walks with my Humans.

This past weekend I went to the Dog Days of Summer Adoption Event.  It was wonderful!  So, many LCAL volunteers were there to talk to adopters and take care of us pups.  Here is a picture of me and Amanda!  We are so lucky to have you guys!


And here is a picture of me and my buddy Tarzan.  TZ as I like to call him was taking a break in his crate.  These adoption events are tiring!  I was flirting with all the people walking by – giving them my best pose.


Oh!  Someone caught me snoozing!  (I am just resting my eyes as my grandmother use to say.)  Like I said – these events are tiring!


Did you know that Max is Latin for Greatness?  Speaking of greatness, I want to take this opportunity to talk about some GREAT humans.  Our Foster Families!  Foster Families are a special part of our LCAL Village.  They open their homes to us so we can have a more normal life while waiting for our FURever family.  Here is a picture of me Chilling Out in my foster mom’s garden.


And another picture of me in my comfy bed!  Hi Mom!


Fostering is such a generous gift to us because kennels can be STRESSFUL.  And some of us have a harder time kenneling than others.  My good friend Diva has been struggling lately with kennel stress and she would really benefit from a more stable and quiet environment.

Shout out to Diva!  You have been working so hard on your training and have made so much progress Goddess!  Your not even afraid of Cot or Car anymore!  Hang in there my friend!  (It is hard for me to see her feeling down.)

Diva 1

And then there is my buddy Sweet and Sassy Stewart!  He has been at LCAL the longest and has been watching patiently while all his friends have been adopted.  A foster home would help Stew be his best self.


And then there is Kuma.  I know she is really wishing that the Marine Corps would just let her move into the barracks with Eesha.  No doubt about it.  Eesha is her Person.  But until then, a foster home would help her thrive.


We have Great volunteers at LCAL and they come and take us hiking and on play dates.  Just so we can get out and socialize with other pups and humans.  It is awesome to see my friends Kuma, Stewart, Diva and Jerry be able to stretch their legs.  (They have much longer legs than me! Ha!)

The time and effort these volunteers put into us – makes kennel life better.   So, if fostering is too much of a commitment  – maybe becoming a dog handler would be your thing?  Maybe you are looking for a weekend hiking companion?  Maybe you have a pup that needs an occasional playmate?

If you think you might be interested in fostering an LCAL pup – please give us a call or submit an application which can be found on our website. You can make such a difference in our lives and LCAL provides all the training and support you need to be successful!

Before I go – big shout out to my foster mom Colleen! Thanks Mom for giving me a place to call home while I am waiting for my FURever family.



Last Chance at Life
3308 Mission Avenue
Oceanside, CA 92058
Phone: (442) 615-7437

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