California Cody’s Op Ed: Big is Beautiful!

Good Evening! Monday is a wrap everybody! California Cody (and LCAL alum) here to discuss a topic near and dear to my heart! But first some shout outs! I will start with ME. I have passed the 16 week mark post TPLO surgery and I am almost back to being my normal self, galloping around the house like a big black pony. It was tough being cooped up for four months but I am in less pain and enjoying my daily walks. Hurray for me! Even my fur is finally growing back on my leg!

Cody 1

And here is my big sister Abby. Mom says that Abby is built like a torpedo but I love all her chunky curves. Can you tell from this picture that she’s had enough of my celebrating – and would like me back in The Room? Be patient with me Abby – I am so happy to be feeling better!

Abby 1

Princess Lucy went on a sleepover this weekend and we are very happy for her! Way to go Princess! And Milo was adopted by a wonderful family who wanted a sibling for fur baby Maggie. Yay for Milo! Max found his forever home in June and last time we saw a picture he was snuggling up on the couch surrounded by pillows. Silly Max. Don’t you know the rules? Mom says no dog butts allowed on the furniture.


Back to my Big is Beautiful OP Ed. In a state known for Teacups and Pocket dogs hanging out in celebrity’s purses – we Bigs can feel a bit overlooked. But when it comes to dog sizes, I say Big is Beautiful! Bigger dogs tend to be a little more laid back. The exception might be puppies like Tarzan. Tarzan is still in that wiggly, jumpy, talkative stage with a big personality. He loves being active with his humans and is motivated by food and affection. Tarzan is an LCAL favorite and we can’t quite figure out why he hasn’t found his Furever Family. He is the fun Big that is for sure. Here are some pictures of Tarzan from this weekend playing tug of war and being the Petco Greeter.



This is a picture of Tarzan greeting his friend Diva with a big kiss.


Big pups also tend to be smart and easy to train. Goddess Diva is a perfect example. When she first came to LCAL she was afraid of cars, dog beds, and just about everything strange. This weekend she came to the Petco event and she was better behaved than Tarzan and Princess Lucy! She has worked so hard in training classes with Amanda and boy does it show. Diva even had an admirer at Petco! Mike! Mike’s daughter recently left for college and he is looking to fill the quiet place she left behind. Will Diva be that special new addition? We are keeping our paws crossed. Here are some pictures of Diva from Saturday!

Diva 1

Diva 2

Like our smaller cousins, Bigs are very loyal to their humans and because of this, many of us work as service dogs. You don’t see Teacup dogs doing that! And Littles like to pretend they’re big by jumping and yapping. Us Bigs don’t have to bother with all that nonsense. We are confident in our bodies. And most of all big dogs are just a lot of fun! We like to jog, hike, and play Frisbee and Catch. We love a good BBQ (hotdogs are nectar of the gods in my opinion) and are great companions to take camping.   Here is a picture of Kuma out hiking!


This weekend was the Petco Adoption Event and the Bigs were well represented by Stewart, Tarzan, and Diva! Truth is, LCAL Bigs are really more medium size pups but next to Princess Lucy and Frida we look like giants! My pal Stewart was there on Saturday. This is his second event and he is the model of good behavior. Stew is such a sweetheart. He is beyond all of that puppy craziness and just wants to hang out with his people. LCAL says he loves going out for his walks and if you are willing to sit with him, he will sit there all day if you will scratch his chest. Stewart is people friendly and good with other dogs. He is super handsome and as the remaining guy in the Old Dogs Rule organization we would love for Sweet and Sassy to find his Furever Family. (I keep trying to get Mom to bring Stew home with us, but she thinks Abby and I would be too much for him.) Here are a few recent pictures of Stewart from the Petco event.

Stewart 1

Stew 2

Kuma wasn’t able to make it to the Petco this past weekend. She was hanging out with her Foster Mom, Alana. Kuma has been working on gaining a bit of weight because people are mistaking her for a homeless pet. She just isn’t very food motivated (which I will be honest I don’t understand AT ALL because all I think about is cookies and kibble). But with a lot of love, walks and freeze dried nuggets in her dinner, she is filling out. Kuma would thrive in an active home with a family who likes to hike and jog. She loves humans – even kids! Cats – not so much. Small animals tend to trigger Kuma’s prey drive – so she would be better off in a home with big beautiful dogs like myself. Here is Kuma playing catch.


And another of Kuma saying “Will you be my Furever Family?”


So, as a finish my Op Ed I would like to say that nothing is more beautiful than having confidence and loving yourself. Sometimes this is difficult for us rescue dogs because we’ve been through so much. But volunteers like the LCAL Village help us re-learn that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.


This is California Cody reminding you all that inside every Big Dog is a puppy who just needs some love and a hug. If you are interested in being that special human then come by and meet Diva, Kuma, Tarzan and Stewart.

Bridget amd Mary

(Cody’s Mama has a long history of loving Big Beautiful Dogs!)

Last Chance at Life

Phone: (442) 615-7437
Email: Ave



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