Beautiful Bella


Good morning everyone!  I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Bella which is Latin for beautiful and I am a four year old German Shepherd.  That is my glamour photo above – have you ever seen such an enormous tongue?  Before I tell you more about myself, I would like to update you on Diva!  Diva went on a sleepover this week with Mike and his family fell in love with her.  She has enjoyed playing in the yard with her furry brother and is so happy to have found her forever home.  This is a picture of Diva with her brother.  They have matching ears!


Oh!  And let me update you on the renovations!  Robbin applied for a grant with Home Depot a few months ago and LCAL was approved!  Renovations started a few weeks ago.  Let me take you on a tour!


The space is so open now and will be the perfect room for Meet and Greets and Puppy Playtime!  I can’t wait to see it when it is all finished.  Thank you to The Home Depot Foundation in Encinitas!  You have given us a wonderful opportunity.

Okay, back to ME!  I was surrendered by my Humans because they felt they didn’t have enough time for me.  Sigh.  At least they dropped me at the Shelter so I would be safe.  Like many German Shepherds, I can be a little anxious.   I love people and I am not a jumper – so I am most likely good with Little Humans too.  I also like dogs as long as we are properly introduced but I would probably be happiest not having to share my family with other fur balls.

German Shepherds are very intelligent and loyal.  We can learn just about anything.  Which is good, because truth be told, I could learn to walk better on a leash.  I am strong and I pull, so I need an experienced dog owner to make the decisions for me.  Here is a picture of me with Nate an LCAL volunteer.  Nate says I am wonderful – I just need my Human to be a Leader – so I don’t have to worry about that stuff.  Nate is here to take Tarzan for a play date.  Aren’t our volunteers wonderful?  “Hey!  Where is that squeaking sound coming from?  Who’s there?  Luna!  Is that you?”


Luna came for a visit with Amanda.  She is just a puppy so I am not allowed to play with her.  Luna’s mommy, Harper, is still looking for her Furever Home.

0720191319 (1)

Here is a picture of Harper.  Isn’t she sweet?  If you are more of a Little Dog Human – Harper would be a wonderful addition to your home.  Harper and her puppies were dumped back in the spring and LCAL rescued them.  Her puppies have all been adopted but she is still waiting.  “Hand in there Mama!  Your Furever Family is out there looking for you.”


Okay, back to me.  I would love an active family who would take me on long walks and hiking.  Exercise helps a lot with anxiety – and I am a healthy and athletic girl!  I am not much of a fetcher.  This is me saying “Yea Lady, I am not going to go running after that ball.  I have too much dignity for that.  You want to play fetch – go get Tarzan or Kuma.”


I do sit very pretty for a snack though.  Just remind me to take it gently!  Sometimes I can be a little bit pushy about my snacks.


Hey everyone!  Are you paying attention to me?  Is it time to go for a walk?  What?  The interview is OVER?  I’m heading back to the clink?  I protest!


Okay!  Looks like they are telling me to wrap it up.  If you are looking for a beautiful pure bred German Shepherd who is as intelligent as she is loyal.  Then look no further than ME – Bella the Beautiful.



2 thoughts on “Beautiful Bella

  1. You are a brilliant writer! I love it.

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to bring Bella home with me but I have two older dogs who don’t like too much energy…

    I hope Bella finds the furever home she deserves! ❤️🐾Cheryl

    Liked by 1 person

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