Tarzan and a Match Made in Heaven!


Good Evening and Happy Tuesday Everyone! July is almost a wrap guys! I want to introduce myself. I am Tarzan! King of the LCAL pups! That is my glamour photo above. I was 10 months old when I came to LCAL and now I am little over a year. Which means I still have a lot of puppy energy left – but my manners are getting better every day. I am probably a lab mix, but I look like a small Anatolian Shepherd with a black muzzle, tan coat and floppy ears. In pictures, I actually look bigger than I am.  In real life, I am only about 45 pounds. I have a big bark for a mini lab and you can hear me greeting shoppers at the Petco adoption events. I make sure I am standing right at the front door! Helloooooo Huuumans!  This is me…Tarzan the Petco Greeter!


Everyone at LCAL is very surprised that I haven’t been adopted yet because I am such a beautiful boy. I love Humans and bigger kids who won’t be knocked down by my exuberance. I adore playing fetch and tug-a-war.


And I bet I would love swimming if given the opportunity!  I am also good with other dogs when we’ve been properly introduced. In fact, Diva and I play a lot together.  Diva is back at LCAL because she and her furry brother did not get along. This happens from time to time.  Between Humans too of course! What is most important is to find the right fit for all of us – even if it takes some time. Welcome back Goddess! I heard there were some extra belly rubs and butt scratches coming your way. Your Furever Family is still out there looking for you!  Let me give you a little kiss.


Really, discovering the right rescue dog is like finding the right roommate or partner. It is important to take the time to get to know each other! Because the more you know – the better the chances the relationship will work! If you add furry family members and tiny Humans to the mix – it can be even trickier! LCAL’s adoption system includes sleepovers so that everyone can be sure of a successful experience when the adoption is finalized. That is very important because all of us Rescues have been through some tough times. And FURever Families are so wonderful to open their homes to us – we all deserve the best chance at success!


So! Let me play cupid and give you some hints on how to have a match made in fur ball heaven! One thing to think about is how much time you spend at home. Younger pups like me need A LOT of exercise. When we get bored we tend to get into mischief. And we are pack animals. We want to be with our Family! Anatolian Abby was much happier when California Cody came to live with her. She needed company during the day so she wasn’t so lonely and anxious. Those two are older – so while they LOVE their daily walks and weekend romps – they are also content to snooze all day waiting for their Humans to come home. More active dogs might need someone home with them.  This is me taking a little nap after playing!  Naps don’t last long at my age.  Hee Hee.


Another thing to consider is can you afford to take care of us? I am a young healthy boy but I will still need vaccinations and checkups just like Human Pups. The cost of puppy chow, treats, toys, vet trips, and kennels can add up! (Especially when you eat as much as Cody and Abby!)

Are you willing to play with us? Socialization is as important for us as it is for our Humans. I was so lucky that Nate took me home for a play date last weekend. I needed some quality time and a visit to Nate’s house was just the ticket!  This is me just stretching out doing Frog Pose after an afternoon of play.


Oh! And training! Are you willing to train us so that we can be our best selves? Jen, Robbin, and Pam spend so much time teaching us how to behave. Diva has learned to be brave! Stein has learned to follow directions! Stewart doesn’t bark as much and can attend adoption events now! And I am learning to control my puppy impulses! (Truth be told, Abby and Cody could use a little work in the training department. I heard they walk around the neighborhood like hooligans looking for a fight!)  Seriously though guys, you have to decide on your house rules.  For example, at Nate’s house I can get on the couch!  But at Cody and Abby’s house the rule is “No Dog Butts On Furniture!”  (I like Nate’s rules better.  Ha!)


Well, if after all these tips you are still looking for a Furever Family Member, then check out the LCAL on-line dating service for dogs! (Just kidding…that was a little puppy humor!) It is an on line application that asks some simple questions. Then, the fun of finding your match begins. There are glamour photos with amusing descriptions about us. If one catches your eye – then it is time for a Meet and Greet! Hurray! Meet and Greets are the highlight of my week because if that is successful – then it is time for the SLEEPOVER! Woot Woot! (Or should I say Woof Woof?)  See, not too different from finding a life partner. We are just the furry version. (More puppy humor on my part!)

Ok, back to me guys! If you are looking for a smart friendly puppy with lots of love and fun to give – then look no further than ME! I would love to see you for a meet and greet (no strings attached) and work up to a SLEEPOVER if you agree that I am a match made in heaven.


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