National Dog Day – The Dogs’ Night Out


Good Evening and Happy National Dog Day! According to, yesterday was a day that celebrated all breeds of dogs and helped motivate the public to recognize the number of us who need to be rescued each year, from shelters and rescue organizations.

We had so much fun celebrating at The Compass last night in Carlsbad. All the proceeds went to LCAL so that they can continue to save lives! Lots of people came out and even brought their own Fur Babies.


Oh! Let me introduce myself! My name is Fluffy. That is my glamour photo above. (Now that I am stretching out a bit – I don’t look so fluffy anymore – and it will be okay if my Forever Family gives me a more grown up name.)

I was one of over 25 puppies who were rescued from the desert this summer by the Angel of Route 62. Why humans insist on leaving us in the scorching desert without water – and easy prey for the coyotes is something I will never understand. It is so simple to drop us off at a shelter where we will be safe. But I digress. This is about National Dog Day and I want to keep things upbeat. Here is a picture of me last night at the event! I was sitting very pretty.


And here is a picture of my sister Lilly! We used to live together but we don’t any more – so it was nice to see her! She was being a little nosey because she wanted a treat.


“Helllooooo. Do you have a little something to share? Anybody interested in giving me a FURever Home?”


And here is Lilly playing in the garden at her Foster Mom’s House. Lilly loves to play outside.  She looks like she is missing me a little bit.

Lilly and I are most likely a Shepherd Hound Mix. I look like I have some Beagle in me -maybe. We are playful and athletic.  Once we warm up to you, we show our cuddly side too. We were giving out lots of kisses at the event last night! We will need a patient family who realizes that we are just babies who like training and consistency. We would both do well in an active home – ready to put in the time and love to help us be the best dog we can be.

Speaking of puppies, Lennox and Hendrix joined us last night too. They are still little, not big like me and Lilly. So, they stayed in the puppy pen unless they were getting cuddles. These guys were rescued by Angel of the Desert too! Look at the size of their feet! These guys are shepherd lab mixes who will probably be medium to large size dogs when they grow up.


This was a big night out for them and they got a little sleepy towards the end.


Okay – enough about puppies! Let’s talk about Blessings! Blessing is so new to LCAL, he isn’t even on our website yet. Blessing came all the way from the Philippines! One of our volunteers does Rescue Work there. Here is a picture of Blessing at The Compass last night.


Blessing spent seven years in a kennel. That is his WHOLE LIFE! When our volunteer was working in the Philippines, she fell in love and realized Blessing needed to come to LCAL. She arranged everything to get him here – and now he lives with his Foster Mom Colleen. You would think that Blessing would have some special needs – but he is very adaptable and gets along with his foster siblings just fine! He has learned what a bed is (very comfy) and he enjoys his regular meals, and occasional channel surfing on the couch.

Blessing has even learned what AFFECTION is. And not only does he accept affection from humans….he gives it too! Last night he showed us all what a wonderful boy he is and greeted all the humans with a big smile. Even the little humans. Makes you realize everything happens for a reason and Blessing was meant to be here with us. Welcome to the family little guy! We will help you find your FURever home!


Let’s see, who else was there tonight? Oh! Appa! Appa is a pure bred yellow lab and his prior owner developed a medical issue and needed to rehome him. He lived with two other large breed dogs and a cat. So, Appa pretty much loves everyone. He is a year old and about 50 pounds but needs to put on a little weight. Like any young lab, Appa has lots of energy and is curious and interested in everything.


He has training—sit, stay, lay down, place—but forgets that he knows this when he gets excited. He loves people and kids. Appa would do best in an active home. Someone who hikes or likes outings at dog parks and such, and is looking for a best bud. Here is Appa at Compass hanging out with Eesha and her friends. He is sitting pretty enjoying a beautiful evening out.


Here is Appa’s glamour photo.

And we can’t forget about Old Stewart. He was his distinguished self…quietly taking everything in last night. Sometimes Stewart can be a little nervous, but he is getting the hang of these adoption events and taking everything in stride. He still likes to stick his feet in the water bowls when no one is looking. He loves the feeling of the cool water on his tootsies. Nothing bothered Stewart last night, not the crowds, strange dogs, or loud music. He left a little early to get his beauty sleep but it was great having him around.


Oh!  And Frida was there too!  But truth be told – National Dog Day excitement was a bit much for Frida.  All the people and music had her a little shook up.  She stayed for a bit and then headed home with her Foster Mom.   Since we didn’t manage to get a picture of her – here is her glamour photo!


Ok Guys! That is about all you’re going to hear from me tonight because I stayed up WAAYYY past my bedtime to meet with everyone for National Dog Day! When you go to sleep tonight, let’s remember all the dogs that work selflessly to save lives and bring comfort to their humans. Some of us even put our own lives on the line every day – for law enforcement partners, for blind companions, and for humans needing a little extra help due to special needs. We are real life super heroes protecting our humans’ safety by detecting bombs and drugs, and even finding victims of tragedy and pulling them from wreckage! We are pretty amazing if I do say so myself. And deserve way more than being dumped in the desert. Eh? Good night Lilly! It was great seeing you Sissy!  Fluffy is out!


Last Chance at Life
3308 Mission Avenue
Oceanside, CA 92058
Phone: (442) 615-7437

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