How Sweet Stein Learned to Trust


Good Evening and Happy Tuesday everyone!  September is in full swing and this past weekend we had our monthly adoption event at Petco!  Let me introduce myself, my name is Stein and that is my glamour photo above!  It was a really Big Deal for me to be a greeter at the event this weekend because I am very shy.  I have been working with Robin on trust and it is really paying off.  I actually came out from behind the table to say hello to people on Saturday!

Now before I tell you more about myself, let’s share some good news stories!  Guess what?!  Stewart found his FURever Family at the National Dog Day event!  It made our hearts so happy for him.  Way to go Stewart!


AND Clooney went on a sleepover this weekend with a wonderful lady who thought he was her perfect match!  Hurray for Clooney!


Not only that, but BOTH Fluffy and Lilly were adopted this past week!  Puppy Power!  So, there has been lots of good news in the LCAL community.


Okay, back to me.  I have a story to tell – so let’s get started.  I began my life in an abusive home with owners who were cruel.  Luckily, I was saved by a shelter and eventually found my way to LCAL.  The Village knew I wouldn’t do well at the kennel because I was so nervous.  Every strange sound made me startle and relaxing was impossible.  LCAL found a foster home for me and the nice lady picked me up and brought me to her house.  But Humans were very scary to me back then and as soon as I arrived in her driveway – I leaped out of the car and ran away.  I really thought I was running for my life because I hadn’t learned to Trust yet.

The LCAL community sprang into action and tracked me for about a week all over Oceanside.  They would field calls from the neighbors and try to guess where I might be headed next.  It was a long week out there on my own – running from everything and everybody.  But the LCAL Village finally found me and I went to live with my foster parents Karen and Martin.  This is me on my bed.  Don’t I look content?


The compassion and consistency Karen and Martin (AKA Mom and Dad) have shown me – has made a real difference in my life.  And Robin has worked hard with me – so that I can be my best self.  Little by little I am learning to trust Humans and my anxiety is being replaced with a sweet, sensitive and gentle personality.  I have formed a strong bond in my foster home and Mom tears up when she tells the story of how far I have come.  I even play with my furry foster brother!  Who knew I could learn how to play?

Finding me was a very important Milestone for LCAL – it gave our community the strength to continue our important work!  Rescuing is a calling that can often result in Compassion Fatigue.  It is hard to connect empathically with people and animals who are suffering…without taking some of that suffering on yourself.  And no matter how many of us are saved – there are many more who keep coming.  It is like a bottomless ocean of animals who need to find FURever families.  Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness are common.  The key to managing Compassion Fatigue is good self-care and taking it one Rescue at a time.  LCAL likes to remember the Starfish Approach.   When we start to wonder if all our efforts will ever make a difference – we remember for that one Rescue – we are making ALL the difference.  And LCAL made all the difference for me.


And this gives us the strength to continue our work.  Over 1300 animals have been rescued by LCAL and most of them have special medical or mental health needs that would otherwise be disastrous for us.  So, thank you for all your efforts LCAL Village!  I am an example of the difference you make!

I do love Karen and Martin but I hope I can find my FURever family.  I will do best in a quiet, low traffic home.  I am fine with other dogs, in fact being part of a pack is beneficial for my anxiety.  I love to go walking, hiking and jogging and I walk very nicely on a leash.  Now that I have learned Trust, I form very close bonds with my Humans and feel safe enough to show my sweet side.  At four years young – I will be the perfect companion for many years to come.  If you think you might be interested in a 50 pound Dobie mix with a heart of gold – come check me out at LCAL!  Have a good week everyone!

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