Montana Mona: The Huskies Have It!

Good morning SOCAL and Happy Friday!  We are coming up on Thanksgiving week and I am stepping up to blog about my favorite subject.  Huskies!  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Mona and I was rescued two years ago from a hoarding situation by my emotional support animal Emma!  Here is a picture of me with Emma.


Before I go any further, let me introduce you to my LCAL Buddies:  Niko and Zephyr.

Every day is a great day if you ask Niko.  He is playful and loves people.  He does great with other dogs when properly introduced.  He is always looking for some fun and if there is not an adventure to be had – he can be found playing in his water dish.  Niko is such a beauty he was featured in the LCAL 2020 Calendar!  Here is his glamour photo!


And here is Niko at the LCAL Halloween Party!  He was such a good sport about putting on a costume for the event!  Thanks Niko!


And Zephyr is a total heartthrob.  In fact, I have a big crush on him.  He has David Bowie eyes and is a smaller Husky closer to my size.  (Hey that rhymed.  I am a poet and didn’t know it!  Emma write that down!)   And he loves running, hiking, and playing.  Here is Zephyr’s glamour photo.


And here is Zephyr enjoying a play date with friends.  He just loves dogs and people.


Like most Huskies, Zephyr is a smart guy and would do best with an active family who has time for training and adventuring.

So why adopt a Husky?  Let me tell you a few things you might not know.  First, Huskies love to nap and cuddle.


We like to howl when fire trucks go by.


We are athletic and like to hike and camp when the weather is cool.  (And most of us should be kept leashed.  We have a pretty strong prey drive and love a good chase.  I am the rare Husky that will not leave her emotional support animal’s side.  Wait for me Emma!)


And Huskies can look a little wolfish and love to pretend they are on a wilderness adventure – even in their own back yard.  Hey Emma!  I need you to clip my toe nails!


Most Huskies are good natured and love to play with other dogs when we have been properly introduced.  This is a picture of me with our summer foster Harley.  Harley was a baby and didn’t have very good manners.  But I taught him the ropes of being an inside dog.


Hey Harley!  Give me back my stuffy!  Patty Platypus isn’t for sharing.


Is there anything a Husky doesn’t like?  Well, yes.  Getting our anal glands expressed at the vet.  That is no fun!  (I didn’t talk to Emma for the rest of the day.)


We are very smart and are known to be a little sassy.  This is me giving Emma a little Husky sass because she is not paying attention to me.  Hey Emma!  Take a study break and let’s go see the neighborhood goats!


So, if you can handle a little shedding and are looking for an athletic, happy family member to take on adventures – consider adopting my friends Zephyr and Niko.  They would love to find their FURever family.  This is Niko saying “Hey guys!  Give me a home for the holidays!”


Montana Mona says “The Huskies have It!”






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