Rav and the Angel on Route 62


Good Morning Everyone!  Happy Easter!  My name is Rav and at six months old, I am the oldest of the puppies at LCAL. That is my glamor photo above. I look very serious in this picture – which is funny because I am far from serious! I love to play and I am always wiggling and throwing my toys about. Meeting new people is one of my favorite things.

Nothing says springtime like baby animals.  So, before I tell you about myself here is a picture I took of the Duck Family yesterday.  Aren’t they the cutest?


Oh!  And here is my friend Squeaker.  I call him Squeaker because he is too little to bark.  He just squeaks.  His Mama doesn’t let me play with him yet because I might step on him in all my exuberance.  Squeaker is looking for a forever home too.  Puppy Power!


Ok!  Enough about ducklings and puppies.  Let me tell you a little about myself – because I almost wasn’t here to tell my story!  Route 62 coming out of 29 Palms is sadly a place where humans dump family members like myself.   It is a lonely stretch of road heading out into the desert and most of us don’t make it very far.  Everyone here at LCAL finds this heartbreaking.  Fortunately for pups like myself, there is an Angel who drives Route 62 looking for us.  Excuse me for a moment – I need a play break!


Okay!  I am back!   As I was saying, Angel rescues abandoned pups like myself and takes us to shelters so we are safe.  A couple of months ago, she saw a trash bag on the side of the road that didn’t look quite right.  So, she got out to check.  Lucky for me she did!  Guess who was inside?  Me!  I am such a social smart lovable boy, it is really hard to imagine who would do something like this.

But I don’t hold grudges!  I love humans and it would be great if my forever family had little humans who liked to play with me!  I am full of puppy energy!  Oh!  And dogs!  I love dogs!  (Last week I was even stalked by a cat while I was on my walk and I didn’t pay it much mind.  So, I am probably good with cats too.)  Play Break!


My friends at LCAL are teaching me manners.  I am so smart I already know Sit and Watch.  But sometimes in my puppy enthusiasm I don’t pay attention.  My forever family will need to continue to train me so that I am a well behaved boy.   This is me on my walk yesterday meeting some humans.  Hellooooo there!  And me in puppy training class.  I am very eager to please.


Hey do you have any treats?  I love a good treat.  My LCAL friends give me Kongs and Nyla Bones to keep me occupied.  Nothing beats a Kong filled with peanut butter!  LCAL thinks I am a Doberman Chocolate Lab mix.  I weigh about 50 pounds and need to fill out a bit.  I am working on crate training and place training which helps me settle down when my humans need a break from my puppy energy.  And I have very nice leash manners if I do say so myself.  This is me taking a little break – playing is hard work!


So, if you are looking for a smart loveable puppy who was rescued by the Route 62 Angel, then I am your boy!  Now Back to Playing Everybody!



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Kuma: Picture Perfect with a Heart of Gold

Good Morning and Happy Palm Sunday and Passover Weekend!  I am Kuma which means “bear” in Japanese.  The Japanese folk story is that Kuma was once an abandoned cub living on a Japanese estate.  The family discovered him and took him in as a pet.  Kuma was smart and very athletic and reached his full potential with his family.   As an abandoned pup myself, I think I have a lot in common with my namesake and can’t wait to find a family that discovers my true potential!  This is a picture of me at my interview!


First things first!  I heard some wonderful news on Friday!  My friend Henry the Love Bug was adopted!  His foster mom decided she couldn’t part with him and now good old Hank gets to stay with his brother Smokey!  These are the good news stories we like to hear at LCAL!

My friend Stewart is still looking for a home.  This picture was taken of Sweet and Sassy Stewart last week when he went for a hike to see the wildflowers.  Great shot of him, don’t you think?  (Us little Shepherd Mixes have to look out for each other.)


Speaking of hiking, I love a good hike.  I am a very athletic three year old who has been known to jump a fence of two when kept in a yard.  So, I would do best with an active family who keeps me inside when not supervised.  I am very trustworthy inside especially when I have big furry siblings for company.  Or human siblings for that matter,  I love kids!  Cats not so much.  I am hardwired to chase anything little that moves.  So, no hamsters or guinea pigs for me.  (But really who needs a guinea pig when you have ME?!)  This picture was taken when I hiked with my friends at Camp Pendleton.  The marines LOVED me.  I walk very nicely on a leash.


I also know when it is time to take a nap and I can nap just about anywhere.  This was me back at the office after my hike.   Nothing beats a good snuggle.


Hey!  Did someone mention another hike?  I am ready to go!


I was so happy to have an interview on Friday because it meant extra time outside with my humans doing what I love to do.  This is a picture of me with my best friend Nicci.  Stewart and I LOVE Nicci!


And this is me giving Nicci kisses because I am grateful for my walk.  My friends at LCAL affectionately refer to me as a Velcro dog.  But that is just because I love my humans and I want to be with them.


I love to play fetch too!  I made sure to show off my skills with a ball during my interview.


So, if you are looking for an athletic affectionate girl who loves her humans (even small humans); enjoys hikes and walks; plays fetch; and snoozes in the afternoon – I am That Girl!  Come meet me and realize MY full potential!55575678_10214497851261937_1585175856613949440_n

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Flynn Rider: A Little Dog with a BIG Personality


Good Morning and Happy Monday! How ya doin’? The name’s Flynn Rider. In case you aren’t a Disney fan, I am named for the swashbuckler in Tangled. And just like my name sake – I am known for my quick wit and charm. I was at the Petco adoption event this Saturday and did my best to impress. Here is a picture of me and my friend Pam.


I am about two years old and I was found as a stray. LCAL says I am an Australian Terrier and the American Kennel Club calls me “Spirited, alert, courageous and self-confident.” What does that mean exactly? Well, I am not your typical Little. So, if you are looking for a delicate lap dog – that is not me. I am spunky! And I love to play with my ball. (But I am not a fetcher. I leave that for labs like Henry.) I need moderate exercise to keep me busy. In fact, my friends think agility training would be just the thing for my hearty personality.

I enjoy my foster home because I have two furry foster brothers to play with. We run and tackle each other – I never get tired of it! I also live with a bird – but I am a little too interested in him to be trusted. Honestly, every good Hero needs a bird, don’t ya think?
I am very bonded with my foster mom and when she is around I can be a little indifferent to other Humans. Mom says I am “smart as heck!” And all my joyous energy means I try to swashbuckle with every dog I meet. Sometimes, these dog friends tell me “No! I don’t want to play Flynn Rider!” (That just means I will try again later. Nothing beats a good adventure romp with friends.) I also like treats. This is a picture of me sitting pretty for a treat from Pam.


I am eager to please and while I don’t LOVE walking on the leash, if my foster brothers are going out, I definitely do not want to be left behind. I would love a home with other dogs and a fenced yard to stretch my legs. Would you consider taking me home? My LCAL friends say I am a Hoot!


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California Cody and TPLO Surgery The First Six Weeks


Good Morning and Happy Hump Day! I am at Week 6 now and well on the road to recovery. I did have a few setbacks and I am looking forward to being able to play again. Being quiet is so hard for me! I thought I would give you an update on how things have gone. Hopefully it will help if you ever consider TPLO surgery for your fur baby.
The hardest thing about the first two weeks was wearing that dang Cone of Shame 24/7. Luckily I’m pretty adaptable. I am a big guy, with a big head and that Cone was HUGE! I got used to it hitting walls and furniture in my confined space and I learned how to drink and eat without too much trouble. But, I missed my soft bed under my head – that plastic was NO FUN! This is a picture of me in the yard. I was allowed to sit outside with Dad to get some sun. But always on that dang leash!

Co out
Then, just when Mom, Dad and Abby had gotten used to being wacked with Cone every day, I reached my two week mark! Hurray! Time to get my staples out! These pictures are my last night with CONE. I am so happy I will have my own head back tomorrow.
Co In

Co and Dad

Dad drove me to Bernardo Heights Animal Hospital early one Saturday. I recognized where I was in the parking lot and DID NOT WANT TO GO INSIDE. Dad half carried me and half dragged me using The Sling. The ladies took me back and a few minutes later I came out and the staples were gone! But I still had Cone on my head. They explained it would be good to wear Cone for a few more days until the soreness went away. “WHAT?! I have been waiting 14 DAYS to get this thing off my head!” I howled. Dad looked even more disappointed than me. But he lifted me into the truck and I went home.

When we got home, Dad opened up the door to the back seat and I leaped out of the truck and landed on Dad’s head. Dad fell over trying to catch me and save my leg. We both ended up laying in the street. Cone had caught on the back seat during my flight – like a parachute. It was now in pieces. Dad took it as A Sign and that was the last of Cone. Two weeks was a huge milestone – but tough times were just beginning.

Over the next 2 weeks, I still had to stay in a spare bedroom by myself during the day and night. It is the only carpeted place in the house with a door and it was very important I did not slip on the floors. This wasn’t a big deal at the beginning when I was feeling bad – but now that I was better – it was TORTURE!  This is depressed me.


During Week 3, I started to bark and howl during the night to voice my displeasure. I got Dad up at all hours of the night for potty breaks. (I didn’t really have to go – I just wanted some company!) Then, one day I’d had enough. I started to dig. I dug and I dug and I dug. I was trying to dig right through the floor and find a secret passage OUT OF THAT ROOM!

Mom came home first. She could not understand why Door was stuck. She pushed and she pushed. When she finally got Door open a few inches – she squeezed through. She was not happy. Carpet had been dug up, unraveled, and was smashed up against Door. I was not sorry one bit! “Now maybe I will get out of this room!” I barked at Mom. (I never bark – so Mom knew this was serious.) Mom took me for a short walk even though I had given her a headache. After that day, some things changed for the better. But then I had The Setback.


During Week 4, Mom and Dad let me stay in their bedroom at night. During the day, I still had to go back to my room. But, now Abby was staying with me. That was much better. I was satisfied. Unfortunately for me, I became overly exuberant while walking on my leash and jumped up to play with Abby. I came down on my leg. I immediately lifted my leg and refused to put it down. Later that night I could toe-tap when I walked, but something was wrong. Mom and Dad were very worried. Mom tried to put ice on my leg – but I was having NONE of that.

This is Abby. She is upset because I am hurt.


Dad took me to back to Bernardo Heights early the next morning before work. Nobody slept that night because we thought I had broken my knee. Dr. Anderson moved my leg around and announced that I was OKAY! He prescribed some anti-inflammatory medication and sent us on our way. “Short, controlled walks on the leash!” he said when he waved good bye. Dad just nodded wearily.

The last two weeks have a big improvement! Grandmom came to visit and kept me and Abby company. Thank goodness for Grandmom! This helped a lot with being bored and lonely. My leg is much better now but I still have two weeks until I go back to Bernardo Heights for my x-rays. Then, we will know if my bones have healed properly and if I can FINALLY start exercising. (Newfy Labs were not meant to be sedentary and I am afraid I am losing my buff body.) I am really looking forward to taking long walks and running in the yard with Abby. I took my deflated basketball with me on my last walk – but it wasn’t the same as chasing it across the grass. And I know Abby needs help racing after those skate boarders! Let’s keep our paws and fingers crossed for good news on April 11th guys!

An Interview with Tiger the LCAL Ambassador


Good Morning and Happy Sunday! We’ve had a beautiful weekend and it has given me the opportunity to romp and play! My name is Tiger and at seven years old, I am the third member of the Old Guys Rule and Young Guys Drool association at Last Chance at Life Rescue (LCAL). My glamour photo is above! The last two weeks you’ve met Henry the Love Bug and Sweet and Sassy Stewart. Today, it is a chance for you to hear My Story!

I am around 50 pounds, a sweet goofy boxer, and curious about everything! Excuse me for a moment. We have some guests. “Hey guys Welcome! Come on in! I heard you are wanting to adopt a bird. I love birds! Would you consider giving me a forever home? If not, some head scratches and hugs would be nice.”


As I was saying, I love to play and go on long walks in cooler weather. I am not too keen on sharing my Humans with other dogs. So, I will need to be the only fur child. Excuse me for a moment, there is my best friend Leyla and she looks like she could use a hug.


I am inquisitive. Some might think a little bit nosey – but that is just because I am interested in everything! I am also very good at entertaining myself when my Humans are too busy to play. Excuse me for a moment. What is this over here on the counter? “Hey Leyla! Looks like my dinner was delivered!”


Leyla tells me “No counter surfing allowed!” But sometimes I just can’t help myself. There are so many interesting things to see and smell here in the office!


As you can see, I am affectionate and I can’t wait to have a deep bond with my Forever Family. I have the right amount of energy to walk and hike. And wherever my family is – is where you will find me. Excuse me for a moment. I hear something interesting. “Leyla! I love when you let me hang out in the Welcome Area. I think I should be the LCAL Ambassador. Or at least on the Welcome Committee.”


Training me will be a snap. I already have nice leash manners and I am so eager to please. I am also quite bright! Leyla says I have a colorful personality but a heart of gold. And that pretty much sums me up. If you are a Forever Family looking for a medium energy healthy Old Guy, who loves walks, family time, and hugs. I am your Guy!! Call and make an appointment to meet me!!

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Mona’s Adoptiversary

An Update from Mona:

Friday was my Adoptiversary!  Mom and I celebrated our first year together by going XC skiing with our friend Nyles (also one of my favorite people!)  The snow was so deep and there were so many smells to stick my nose into. I think playing in the snow is my favorite thing – I’m a husky after all. Though we go skiing regularly, this time was extra special because I found a big pile of deer poop to roll around in! Mom yelled at me to stop (for some reason she doesn’t like it when I do this) but I just laughed at her, “you can’t stop me when you have skis on!”  I did have to take a bath when we got home, but I smelled wonderful while it lasted!

I love the snow!

Mom and her brother, the Hotdog man (AKA: Matthew) say that I cause a lot of trouble.  I sleep on the couch, I like to fish dirty spatulas out of the sink, and bury trash in the snow in the backyard.  However, I like to remind them that I have grown up a lot in the last year.  For example, I don’t bite the Hotdog man anymore!  I also haven’t run away since last summer!  I didn’t know any tricks a year ago, and now I know a bunch and I will always perform for a cookie.  Shake is my favorite, Mom says it reminds her of another dog, Sully, who use to live with her parents, you may have read his story too.  Though, I am a very smart girl, I never do anything I don’t want to, and I don’t always agree it’s time to leave the Dog Park when Mom is ready to go Home.

Me and my boyfriend, Bill!

Mom credits her friend Gus for fixing a lot of my so called “behavioral problems” and helping me overcome my fear of strange situations.  I always love going for sleepovers at house when Mom is out of town because I get to go hiking with him and all the Summit Pups.  I especially love going because I get to see Bill.  Bill is Gus’s dog, and whether he knows it or not, Bill is my boyfriend.  I love him sooooo much.  Whenever we see each other we wrestle for hours!  My relationship with Bill makes Mom think that I need a brother or a sister, but Hotdog man says “NO!”.  Honestly, I’m okay with doggy play dates and the dog park, I don’t want to share cuddles with Mom and my spot on the bed with anyone else!  However, I did meet my first tiny human when Mom’s friends came to watch the Super Bowl a few weeks ago!  Her name was Cami and it was so much fun to follow her around the house and we seem to like all the same kind of toys!  I wonder where we can get a ”Cami” for OUR house.

A selfie of me in Mom’s (MY) bed!

Anyway, I am a whole year older and wiser and I have mostly learned what it means to live with a family, and I’m liking it! I may get in a little trouble from time to time, but I am so much better than I use to be!  On to an even better year!

An Interview with Henry the Love Bug


Good Morning! Happy Daylight Savings Sunday! I am so excited about the clocks moving forward because it means extra time for walks in the evenings! And nothing beats a good long walk at a brisk pace. In fact, Tracy my foster mom, says it takes me a good mile to slow down. I am the oldest member of the Old Guys Rule – Young Guys Drool association at Last Chance at Life Rescue (LCAL). But I act the youngest. My glamour photo is above. I am nine years old going on two and I find joy in everything I do! Last week you met my buddy Stewart. He is my sassy sweet friend. But this week is a chance to tell you My Story!

I am a strong 80 pounds and I currently live with my foster family. I LOVE my foster brother Smokey. Smokey is a big black fuzzy Shepard. Mom says I have been good for Smokey. He isn’t sleeping as much since I arrived. I play lots of games with him. My favorite is Keep Away! I grab my stuffed animals (Did I tell you I LOVE stuffed animals?) and I toss them around in the air. Then, I run and grab them and jump around, before Smokey moves a muscle. It is great fun! This is a picture of me with one of my favorite Stuffies.


Oh! Don’t tell Stewart! But I also like my foster cat! Mom caught me sneaking up on Cat with my tail wagging and a delighted look on my face. I was thinking “Where has this fuzzy little friend been hiding? Let’s play!” (Cat would be a great for those times when Smokey is napping.) This is me saying “Pleeeaaase play with me!”


Yesterday, we went to a beach campground for my interview! Campgrounds are magical places! So many families having fun! I wanted to go visit all of them! Mom, told me “No, these families don’t want to play with you right now. And you are disrupting the peace. Campgrounds are quiet places.” A good snack would have helped with this disappointment – but we forgot snacks. So, first I tried to sit on laps for comfort. When that wasn’t happening, I rolled around on the ground with Smokey. That helped. I love Smokey. Here is a picture of me and Smokey playing in our backyard!


Truth be told, I can be a bit of a handful. In my past, I was contained rather than trained and it shows when I am feeling happy and enthusiastic. But Mom says I am super smart and eager to please. She has taught me hand signals for basic commands and I enjoy making Mom happy. An active Forever Family who’d be committed to training me would be best. I am so smart, that training will be a piece of cake! Forget that old adage because I am living proof that “Old dogs CAN learn new tricks!!” (Hey did someone mention cake? Because I LOVE cake!)

Back to my Forever Family, it would be wonderful if there was someone home during the day to keep me company. I LOVE company. And I would be ecstatic in a home that already has fur babies or older kids to play with! Some people worry about adopting older dogs. I am here to tell you that I am not your typical Old Guy! I am healthier than most dogs half my age. Most important, I know that I have been given a second chance at a forever home and will reward my Humans with devotion. If you think you might be My Forever Family, I would love to meet you!

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